Breaking down storytelling for product marketers on Clubhouse in a glimpse of Elliott Raynor’s upcoming workshop “The Science of Storytelling”

Last week’s Clubhouse episode was perhaps our best yet! I was joined by Elliott Raynor, Head of Product Marketing at Babble, to share his fascinating perspective on the “science” of storytelling.

We covered how:

  • Storytelling is science vs art
  • Pattern spotting is a habit to strengthen your storytelling skills
  • Practical tips and inspiration for how to do it in real life
  • PMMs are dragon slayers sometimes too!

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About Our Guest Speaker:

MessagingTech is Here, and It’s Awesome

Product marketers, let me know if this sounds familiar…

Your product messaging is due for a refresh. Now you’re targeting 3 new verticals, and need to customize the talking points. And train the sales team so they say the right thing in the field. Give the content team that same thing written 5 ways for web and social. “And I need it in the next 30 seconds kthanksbye.”

“Sure!” you say, “Easy. Here’s our 25-page messaging matrix and accompanying 16-tab spreadsheet that you can easily find 8 clicks deep on SharePoint and pull what you need yourself! Wait no, not…

Figuring out our format while continuing our messaging “therapy session”

Yesterday we held episode 2 of our new Clubhouse 🎉 show Let’s Talk Product Marketing.

Like everyone on Clubhouse we’re still experimenting with the format, flow and flavor of what works best for this new social platform — and for our audience.

For the topic, we continued our “messaging therapy session” building on the thought-provoking discussion in Episode 1 (Recap here).

This time around it was a quieter crowd. (We’re seeing that some people just want to sit in and listen. Noted!) But the brave souls that did speak up shared great points. Read on for:

  • 4 Conversation takeaways
  • 4…

“Let’s Talk Product Marketing” now every Friday at noon on Clubhouse hosted by yours truly!

How’s this for an offer you can’t refuse…

“Hey Rebecca, would you like to host your own show on Clubhouse, about product marketing, and cover anything you want?”

😍When Product Marketing Alliance (PMA) asked me this I said count me in! A chance to take a blank slate, my love of comms and Oprah aspirations, and turn them into group discussions around about a topic I could chat about for days? Yes, yes, and thrice yes!

Here are four great reads that shaped my thinking — two classics, and two you won’t see on other product marketing lists.

An aspiring PMM recently asked me: “Do you have any book recommendations?” I smiled, answering: “I’m so glad you asked!”

I’ve been meaning to write about books that offer a window into key aspects of the craft for some time. Long-form reading is a great complement to shorter blog posts and articles because you can “sit with” ideas to ingrain concepts more fully over time.

Here are 4 books that I think back to often covering markets, product…

Products need Clarity Assurance as much as Quality Assurance, and it falls to the product marketing function to drive this process as a critical SOP.

Clarity Assurance
Clarity Assurance

I did this subconsciously for years. Wondering why it was needed at all. Turning complexity into clarity, because no one else was doing it. Not realizing that this impulse was one of the most valuable contributions I could make.

Disturbing closeup of botched products and industries running rampant today

Picture this: Lip gloss supergluing your lips shut. Cheap furniture falling on your baby without warning. Vaping in the school bathroom turning your teen into a full-blown addict. Plastic bottles you recycled dumped on beaches.

These are the topics of Broken, a four-episode Netflix “investigative docuseries” intended to expose the “true costs of products we use every day.” A more fitting name might be Defective or Botched — because wow is this a chilling look at blatantly bad stuff.

If you’re interested in a close up of some seriously-scary products and unethical industries that have emerged from the changed world…

Arm yourself with hard data on your market worth, and maybe some hard truths too

If there’s a single question that product marketers should have an answer to, its: “What am I worth?” Not existentially, but in cold hard cash. Market understanding is at the heart of what we do — and that includes knowing our own market rate.

Before you walk into your next job negotiation, or even take a call with a recruiter, read through the 2020 Salary Report to arm yourself with intel as you head into 2021.

With less than a week to go in 2020, reports from Business Week and others on salary localization and other trends are on the…

A roundup of valuable resources to deepen product marketing skills (as of December 2020)

It’s an amazing time to be in product marketing. Unlike when I first entered the field, this mysterious practice largely learned on-the-job is now getting documented and de-mystified at an increasing rate. And a renaissance of great content resources is helping drive that trend.

🎤Podcasts with rockstar interviews. 📝Training classes in how it’s done. 📊 Surveys and Reports revealing new trends. And for right now at least, a lot of this is available free!✅

Only trouble is it’s hard to keep up with all of it. And since I’ve had a lot of people reaching out about my article on…

Key questions and phrases for help navigating complex briefings to reach “minimum viable clarity”

On a typical day, I often find myself on the receiving end of complex briefings across topics way outside my main area of expertise. From technical information, intricate processes and more it can feel like living in a constant state of information overload.

There are no real frameworks to apply here that work 100% of the time. But a tool I’ve come to increasingly rely on are specific questions and phrases that help cut through that complexity. …

Rebecca Geraghty

Product marketer in the tech sector focused on emerging products reshaping our world and the way we work. Writing about the what, why & how of product marketing

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